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Digital Innovation for America is committed to being a voice for every American who seeks to harness the promise of blockchain technology and digital assets for a more empowered future.

Financial Freedom

We believe the ability to transact, send and receive money, and save for your future are key freedoms that should operate on your timeline, not the whims of banking institutions.

End the Banking Bias

For too long, underserved and minority communities have been shut out from accessing the U.S. financial system. Digital assets empower those that need it most.

Modernize the U.S. Financial System

We know that life moves fast and so should the way we pay for goods and services. We believe that transaction fees, countless days to receive and settle payments, and banks being closed when you need them most have hurt the American consumer for too long.

Secure American Jobs for the Next Generation

Across the country, we are producing the top minds out of colleges and universities; we believe keeping and growing talent here in the U.S. is vital if we wish to keep and maintain our competitive edge.

Innovation Solves Problems

Digital assets provide relief to families in war torn regions, at times of natural disasters, and aiding families back home everyday. The use of blockchain and digital assets can help and bring aid to support those we love most.

Smart Regulation Protects Consumers

It’s time for Congress to step up and create clear rules of the road. Entrepreneurs, families, and businesses rely on digital assets everyday and our country must be ready for the next generation of finance.

News & Views

Keep Crypto in America

If the SEC is serious about U.S. investor protection, it should want crypto to stay in the United States, says CoinDesk's Emily Parker.

Court Reverses SEC Ruling on SPIKES Futures

The decision relates to an SEC order from 2020 exempting the SPIKES Index from the definition of securities futures.

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